BüroBig The Most Stylish Offices

To begin with, in 1986 we started this journey by producing counter wooden furniture but since 2002 as a result of our research and development program we started to produce modular products. Our primary mission, since the year we were founded is as follows; To increase the comfort of the customer experience and of course to contribute their productivity we bring them quality, innovative, aesthetic and eclectic designs together. With our team who tirelessly renew themselves we produce comfy as yet contemporary office furniture to meet with any need in an ideal office environment. As a company aiming to uplift the quality of office life our priority is to combine the demands and the needs of our customers with proper equipment whilst protecting the planet we live on. All the products we produce are environmentally friendly and do not contain any chemical material that can be harmful to human health. Obtained from industrial forests, we produce our furniture from raw materials which have FSC –Forest Management Council- Certificate, in norms E1 approved by TSE –Turkish Standards Institute-
Specifically located in Ankara, Turkey expanded in 9000 square meters outdoor and 6000 square meters indoor factory facility, we proudly continue to make our way with 50 local dealers throughout the country and 11 countries worldwide.